October 1, 2022


Update Notes

  • Coins on music videos have been reduced due to low profitability.
  • Comments may now be marked as spam, which will result in a -100 Coin reduction. Please leave a meaningful comment about the video.
  • Users who frequently write spam comments and/or abuse the system using bots will not receive credit for their withdrawal. Upon withdrawal, your account will be reviewed.
  • If you believe you account was wrongfully flagged, e-mail us at applemusicreviews@gmail.com
  • Cash out minimum is now $10 due to the process of reviewing accounts.
  • 2X Auto Surfing bonus until August 31st! Take advantage of our new, and extremely popular feature! Automatically surf pages by keeping the tab open in your browser to receive 10 coins every 25 seconds.

New Bonus Links

Thanks for reading the update notes! Here are some bonus links:

Link 1 (30 Coins
Link 2 (30 Coins
Link 3 (30 Coins

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